• Eleni Helen Mallinos was born in a picturesque village in Florina, Greece. Her earliest memories are of rolling green mountains, vast poppy fields and the serenity of village life – all of which would later influence her art.

    Eleni moved to Toronto with her family at the age of 12, where she became a successful businesswoman and mother of two. Along the way she dabbled in ceramics and needlepoint before picking up a paintbrush.

    She now specializes in acrylics on canvas and her work can be found in homes and offices across two continents. Eleni has been profiled in media and her work has been featured in solo shows in galleries such as Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel—Canada’s premiere art hotel. Entirely self-taught, Eleni’s art evokes those early memories of nature, as well as the everlasting pursuit of balance and harmony. Her subjects range from landscape to abstract.

    She still lives in Toronto with her husband and now has three beautiful grandchildren.

    All of Eleni’s work is dedicated to the memory of her late brother, Tom Sarris.

  • June-July, 2013 – Featured artist at “Jumper 2013” at the Norman Felix Gallery in Toronto, Ontario

    March, 2013 – Solo show at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, Ontario

    November, 2010 – Work displayed at Café Pleiade in Toronto, Ontario

    October, 2010 – Donated a piece of art to a children’s hospital in Toronto, Ontario

    August, 2010 – Month-long solo show at the Milner Gallery in Bobcaygeon, Ontario

    March, 2013 – Artwork profiled in Evdomada, Toronto, Ontario

    July 23, 2010 – Artwork featured in The Lindsay Post

    Eleni Helen Mallinos is currently represented by the Norman Felix Gallery in Toronto, Ontario

  • For more information about Eleni’s work and her shows, or to purchase or commission a painting, call or write:

    (416) 297-6297


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    "No great thing is created suddenly." - Epictetus